Sunday, 23 March 2014

Duties Of Church Members Part 1 :

The duty of prayer is placed at the head of the list of duties devolving upon the members of the church because, when it is faithfully performed, other duties become easy and more likely to be fulfilled.
The great object to be sought in prayer is the influence of the Holy Ghost; and when the Spirit is present in power with any church, then believers are built up in piety; peace and love pervade the body; members are added, and the blessings of the gospel spread more and more throughout the community.  It is for all this that we pray when we pray for the Holy Spirit.
 To pray for the church is to pray for the advancement of our own spiritual interests; for not only do all its members share in the blessings of the church, but the very act of praying will invigorate every healthful power of the soul.  The man who prays habitually and fervently for the cause of Christ will have no coldness in his own heart.  He will love  the brethren, he will take an interest in what ever pertains to the true welfare of the church, and will show by his whole deportment that he is living near to that divine Lord who, with equal positiveness, has commanded us to ask for the welfare of Zion and promised to answer such petitions.
 Duty and privilege, hope and love, interest and benevolence, conspire to lead the Christian to pray day and night with all faith and fervor that God would send down blessings upon his Church.  The Church will not flourish without this prayer of her members.  Without it, all will languish; with it, she will become as the garden of the Lord, and no drought or storm will be permitted to blight her beauty or fragrance.  Let every one of her members then cherish such a sense of the duty of prayer for her that it will be impossible for it to be forgotten even for a single day.  Let it be regarded as a duty, a privilege, a daily calling, the omission of which is not to be thought of.  “If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget her cunning.  If I do not remember thee, let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth.”
~ Dr. Thomas Murphy, D.D

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