Saturday, 19 October 2013

John Owen On Charismatic Christianity :

"If the Scriptures are complete what need do we have for new revelation and uncontrolled enthusiasm?"  

~John Owen, quoted by Steve Lawson @Strange Fire Conference.


Helen said...

Exactly!!!! (Feeling rather groggy, but uplifted (& militant!) from having been glued to Strange Fire on Livelink till 4.45am for last 3 nights!)

Helen said...

It was interesting to hear both John Macarthur and Phil Johnson warn of the dangers of the band and false teachers "Jesus Culture". Sadly, this is now infecting the UK, with a recent tour of events. To my horror, I have discovered photos on facebook, of three local 18 year olds,(one a friend's daughter), with their two Norwegian youth leaders, (employed by the C of E diocese of Carlisle), at what appears to be an event with "Jesus Culture" banners in the background. There was a photo of their hands, all stamped with "Jesus Culture"!! .... sinister!

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