Friday, 30 August 2013

The Lord's Supper :

“The Supper is a means of grace for the weak, not a reward for the strong.” Because it is a means of grace for believing sinners, though seriousness and reverence and awe are certainly appropriate, joy and hope ought to have their place as well because we are feasting upon Christ, further tasting that the Lord is good, and being helped along as pilgrims in a foreign land.
We should be very careful how we fence the table. Under normal circumstances, the only church members under our charge who should be forbidden to partake are those under formal church discipline. For all others, it is a means of grace for weak souls which need to be strengthened. Just as we would never tell believers to stop reading their Bibles because they had a bad week or stop praying because they are not holy enough or feel unworthy, we should not forbid the Supper under normal circumstances. The Supper is a joy- and hope-inducing ordinance. It gives us renewed confidence that our sins are forgiven, that Christ is ours and we are his, and an expectation of more Christ to come.
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