Thursday, 15 August 2013

False Convert Sportsman Now Promotes Homosexuality :

A Russian sportswoman today spoke out against the "Gay" agenda in her country. 
Pole vault champion Yelena Isinbayeva said;
"We are very afraid about our nation because we consider ourselves normal, standard people,"
 "We just live with boys with women, women with boys.
"Everything must be fine. It comes from history. We never had these problems in Russia, and we don't want to have any in the future,"
I do not know if Yelena has any Christian influence in her life but Amen to that, may countries here in the west by the grace of Almighty God, waken up and follow Yelena and Russia's example.

Contrast that though with the comments made by a UK sportsman who professed faith in Jesus Christ up until recently;

Former GB athlete and BBC expert Jonathan Edwards told BBC Radio 5 live many Russians would back their favourite sporting daughter.
"She's a product of a society in which she lives," said Edwards. "Over 90% of the population would endorse what Isinbayeva said, however abhorrent we find it in the UK.
"In my lifetime it was illegal in the UK so the whole world is on a journey here. I don't think a boycott of Sochi would be the right way to do it.
"But if the athletes of the world show solidarity with the world's gay community I think that would be the most powerful message we could give."
Mr Edwards is deluded if he thinks that most of the population of the UK do not support Yelena's views. Outside of that little box in the corner of many people's living room homosexuality is still a minority and most of the population of this country still know that the act is unnatural. 
Jonathan's parents, (Who live in Cumbria) I have heard are extremely saddened at the realization that he was never truly a Christian, and am sure they are praying for God to save him from Himself and the coming wrath regularly. 
May He answer their prayers and may Jonathan become a strong voice for righteousness and truth in the sporting world just like Yelena Isinbayeva.
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