Friday, 19 July 2013

Keswick Convention Preaching To False Converts :

This video was uploaded by a passer by as I preached during the Keswick Convention July 16th 2013. I was encouraged by some sincere Christians who shook my hand during the preaching but sadly many who called themselves Christian and who were attending the Christian Convention were offended by the message and clearly do not know the truth.
They objected to what was said regarding the sin of homosexuality, Evolution and the wrath of Almighty God, also many were also offended when I quoted what the Word of God says regarding women "vicars" teaching and preaching in Church which is clearly condemned in the Bible; 1Timothy 2:12 . 

You have to wonder what these people are being taught at this Christian conference.

At the end of this clip the Police ask to talk with me and I have to say the policeman was extremely respectful towards me and clearly understood the law, he was nervous about the crowds reaction and the town councils pressence so asked me to be careful what I say, I reassured him that I would not say anything that broke the law and carried on preaching....Please share :

Soli Deo Gloria !!


Anonymous said...

Good preaching brother.Sad to say this is the fruit of water down preaching.They. claim to be Christian but they are culture Christians at best.The culture is there final authority.Culture says homosexuality is ok. They are down with that.Culture believes evolution they will reject the Bible and fit in evolution.The culture runs most churches. So woman can preach as well.The list goes on and on.Instead of rejoicing the gospel is being preach they become a gospel road block.

Jon Gleason said...

Wow. Can't think of much else to say.

dale mcalpine said...

Thanks for that brief comment Brother :)

I totally know where you are coming from, this is the largest "Christian" conference in the UK I believe, and not only do they have women teaching and preaching, but there was a gentleman by the name of Alistair Mcgrath speaking the day this happened, he is an apologist who has debated and is also great freinds with Dawkins and is also an out of the closet evolutionist.

Very sad but not surprising these days.

God bless you Jon

Qstowell said...

Sorry but I totally disagree with your theology but feel that my faith in the Living God compels me to work towards a united church. Please Lord may we be a united community of Jesus followers and may we understand scripture in todays context.

dale mcalpine said...

Thanks for being honest.
The Bible has to be our final authority or we are at the mercy of men who lie and cheat.
It may seem like a "good idea" to unite with the RCC and other Churches but the Word of God who does not lie clearly tells us not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers 2 Corinthians 6:14.
Now. who are you going to trust God or men ?

Qstowell said...

Hmmm, I guess it depends on your view of who is a believer and who isn't. We are not likely to agree on that I expect. I spend a lot of time running our local Street Pastor initiative and we work with ALL denominations and ALL who call themselves Christians. We have about 18 churches working together. One of our strengths is that we pray together and have a team praying whilst the Street Pastors are out 'helping caring and listening' on the streets. We have learnt that to maintain this unity we sometimes have to remember our united purpose and to put our differences to one side. I've learnt so much from how my Christian brothers and sisters live out their faith that it is a truly joyful thing to be part of.

Qstowell said...

Just to add I would say that Jesus is my final authority and I believe that the Bible is the Living Word and is still alive today. God's Spirit helps us to see how we are to read the scriptures in context.

dale mcalpine said...

Qstowell said "I spend a lot of time running our local Street Pastor initiative and we work with ALL denominations and ALL who call themselves Christians"

Mormons who teach that Jesus is the spirit brother of satan also call themselves Christians as do the Jehovahs Witnesses who say He is Michael the archangel.

The way is narrow my friend not broad, the broad way is the way that leads to destruction.

Qstowell said...

I should probably clarify that the Street Pastor initiative welcomes all orthodox Christian denominations, Anglican, Baptist, Catholic, Methodist, Free Church, URC and Pentecostal. Have I missed any? On the subject of JW's my sister is one. We used to have deep theological discussions/arguments about whose theology was right. A bit like our discussions really. In time we both decided it was best to just love each other and to focus on the important unifying parts of our faiths. Of which there are many. I've only taken an interest in your views after you made that offensive "women... dogs..." quote to my wife. You've now said enough for me to realise that you're never going to change your views, but can you at least make some effort to refrain from hurting others and focus on the Fruits of the Spirit.

dale mcalpine said...

Reply on latest post.

Helen Goh said...

Qstowell (Quinton): I have followed your twitter exchanges with Dale with interest, & would have loved to join in but am not on Twitter!
I agree with his views and I am a woman!
1) Re the "women..dogs.." quote, I did not find it in the least offensive, but rather witty and amusing! Johnson/Spurgeon's witty quip was that "like a dog walking on its hind legs", one is equally surprised to see women preachers at all! Now if Johnson/Spurgeon had said "cats" not "dogs", I suspect the politically correct feminist brigade would have reacted less! In context, Johnson/Spurgeon did not use "dog" to insult women, but to point out something surprisingly unusual, which women preachers would have been in their day (quite rightly so!)
Quinton, you misunderstand if you think Dale likes insulting people; stating your case plainly and assertively does not equal insult! (Although I saw insults hurled at him in the recent twitter debacle - A vicar calling Dale a "tosser"? - Tut, tut!) I am a personal friend of Dale's - he is NOT a mysogynist!

2) Re avoiding doctrinal argument with JW's, their beliefs are SO far from orthodox doctrine regarding how to be saved,(eg they don't recognise Jesus as God; let alone Lord), that we can assume they are heading for hell; and if we saw a blind man heading for a cliff, would it not be loving to warn him?

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