Thursday, 4 July 2013

Thank You Tony Miano :

Tony Miano, fellow street preacher and friend was arrested on Monday 01/07/2013 for .....
you guessed it,......"homophobic speech."

Apparently, as seen in the video below of the arrest caught on camera, the policeman was convinced that offending someone was a crime and he had no alternative than to remove Tony, take away his freedom and incarcerate him just in case he offended anyone else.

When will these over zealous policemen learn?

Tony was eventually released without charge after 7 hours in a police cell, perhaps someone at the police station actually knew the law was being mis-applied here yet again ?

Just in case a member of UK police stumbles over this article, a reminder from April from the Christian Institute :

"A free speech reform to the public order law has cleared Parliament and achieved royal assent today.
The word “insulting” has been deleted from Section 5 of the Public Order Act, still leaving police with power to deal with “abusive” and “threatening” conduct.
Supporters of the reform say “insulting” was wide open to misinterpretation, and it had led to many unjust incidents of police interfering in free speech.

One protestor had been arrested for calling Scientology a “cult”, someone else had been arrested for saying “woof” to a dog, another for calling a police horse “gay”.

Several Christians had been arrested for peaceful and lawful street preaching, and one Christian couple were put on trial for criticising Islam....."
Here is the video:

May Almighty God use this to educate our police force and encourage Christians to make a stand today and even when the law is not on our side.

Proverbs 28:1 "...the righteous are bold as a lion"


Helen said...

I just love the little boy (to the policeman)at 29.00 mins: "I'm handing out church invitations. It's where you go to worship Jesus. I'm handing out tracts." - Made my day. :D

Susan said...


I agree that we all need to stand up for the truth, and pray for those who are caught in sinful "lifestyles". There are things that I could pick apart and say that Tony could have done differently and still gotten the message out, however, it is very easy to pick apart what someone is out there doing from the comfort of my home computer. I hope that all the people who had their consciences pricked from this event humble themselves and repent before a holy and forgiving God.

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