Sunday, 30 June 2013

God's Work, Done God's Way :

"It cannot be too often repeated that the Holy Spirit is God's only worker. It is true that He chooses to work through His children, but our part is not the co-operation of help so much as that of willing consent. And even if we rate it higher, it is always His will that is done, and His power that it is done by, however active we seem to be. Otherwise it is not done at all.
God's blessing flows down to us through pipes empty and clean. Now a pipe, to form a channel, must not elect to stand upon its end to see and be seen, but lie down in the muck and be covered and forgotten. And every time we turn on a water tap, we should be grateful for the pipes that lie buried in the ground. Similarly our active part is to lie low, and let God work through us."
~William Still

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