Thursday, 27 June 2013

How To Know God :

"Men boast of their [theology] degrees and diplomas and their passing examinations and so on. That is all very well, but it is not the way to know God more fully. It is through the Spirit, through the baptism of the Spirit that one comes to this fuller
knowledge. ... When Christianity becomes a subject in a seminary or in a university, well then I say we have really departed from the faith."
~Martyn Lloyd Jones

Also ..."If your doctrine of the Holt Spirit does not include this idea of the Holy Spirit falling upon people, it is seriously, grievously defective. .. The whole notion of the Holy Spirit falling upon people has been discountenanced and discouraged, and if you read many books on the Holy Spirit you will find it's not even mentioned at all, a fact which is surely one of the prime explanations of the present state of the Christian church."
~Martyn Lloyd Jones


Helen said...

Didn't MLJ have a pentecostal view of baptism in the Spirit, rather unconventional in Reformed circles??

dale mcalpine said...

I don't know about that Helen, but I agree with what he says here and which also lines up with what Whitefield and those involved in the great awakening prayed for and testified of in their meetings.
I think because of those who distort and abuse what Scripture says about the doctrine of the Holy Spirit, it causes us conservatives to be afraid of saying or even agreeing with things like the DR does above.

Helen said...

Agreed! :)

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