Friday, 7 June 2013

Don't Call Me Evangelical :

Perhaps the term "Evangelical" meant something way back in the day, but it is clear from the lack of fruit, lack of love for God's Word and lack of discernment in the so-called Evangelical churches in the UK today that it no longer holds any weight. 
After all anyone can call themselves an Evangelical today, even the well known heretic Steve Chalke.
In relation, here is an excellent post from my Brother and friend Jon Gleason :
"The Evangelical Alliance surveyed 1800 “evangelicals” in the UK.
The survey found that biblical truth is vital to evangelical Christians, with 99 per cent agreeing that a church should faithfully teach the Bible as the true word of God.
If the “Bible is the true Word of God,” these evangelicals would accept this:
I Timothy 2:12
But I suffer (permit) not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.

If the Bible is true, that verse must be true.  Women aren’t to be teaching or in authority over men in the church.  So whence this?
Nearly three-quarters (73%) of respondents agreed women should hold senior positions in the church, with 80% agreeing women should preach or teach. 
Which is it?  Is the Bible true, or should women have senior positions, preach, and teach?  You can’t have it both ways….
99% want a church that faithfully teaches the Bible, but most aren’t getting that teaching, or they would know what it says.  “Evangelical” churches have adopted political correctness, watering down any Scriptures which make it uncomfortable to fit in with a godless society.   Many evangelicals give lip service to Biblical truth but seem to have no clue how far their thinking has drifted from the Scriptures.
Anyone who really believes it is God’s Word, and is true, should take responsibility to learn what it says.  British evangelicals need to start reading and studying God’s Word, and be alert to the pervasive political correctness in “evangelical” churches in the UK."
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Jon Gleason said...

Thanks, Dale, blessings to you.

So, let's see, Rob Bell and your "friend" Rowan Williams are "Christians," so that label obviously doesn't mean much to people. Steve Chalke is an "evangelical". Osama bin Laden was a "fundamentalist" (and so is Fred Phelps) according to the media, so that may not be the best term.

I guess "Bible-believing Christian" isn't too bad. Is it ok if I call you that, instead of "evangelical"? :)

dale mcalpine said...

Thanks to you also Jon, "Bible believing Christian" sounds great, although a bit of a mouthful.

God bless you Brother

Anonymous said...

As someone who has had help from Jon Gleason, I am delighted to see you re-post his article in full. This country needs more Christians who are willing to stand up for what Scripture says and not for some weak imitation. I remember once being told that the reason that the church of England had Sunday Schools was to vaccinate children against catching the real Gospel. With this post, and your post on Dr. Williams, you make this point as eloquently as Jesus did when He said "A house divided against itself cannot stand.

Helen said...

... but disconcerting that the spirit of the age (even within the "church") seems to see "a house divided" as a call to unite in a spirit of tolerance, accepting any old nonsence,rather than seeking truth?

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