Sunday, 31 March 2013

Pray For Ink :

[John] Berridge certainly lived a busy life and perhaps he physically and emotionally overstretched himself. The normal pleasantries of life, like reading and writing letters, took second place. Little wonder that Berridge compares the preacher to a pen that sometimes runs out of ink:
'Sometimes you perceive the pen is exhausted and almost dry...lift up your hearts in prayer for the poor pen and say, "Lord, give him a little more ink." '

The Gospel Pedlar (p.81) The Story of John Berridge, Open Air Preacher.


Helen said...

I pray for ink for you, in the marketplace & shopping centre...

dale mcalpine said...

:) Many thanks Helen.
The prayers of the Saints affect much, James 5:16.

Helen said...

...forgot the pulpit, that too!

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