Monday, 18 March 2013

Homosexuality Is A Choice :

This YouTube video that features a teenage girl delivering a poem about why homosexuality is not God’s design for relationships has gone viral, while also meeting opposition from homosexual advocates who have criticized the production.
The video, entitled Rated T for Tolerance, was posted last Summer, but for an unknown reason, has suddenly garnered a significant amount of attention.


lyn said...

I went to youtube and checked out the like/dislike ratio...525 likes, over 3000 dislikes. The depraved are lashing out, and yet, they call Christians intolerant. Truth will always be hard to bear, those who love sin will never embrace truth, will lash out, and gnash their teeth. Unless God does a mighty work, they will be like the crowd and Stephen. If they could, they'd stone this young woman. May God bless her speaking out, may we all be encouraged by this.

dale mcalpine said...

Wow, over 3,000 dislikes is quite significant, the Bible-phobic Christian haters sure have been busy lately.
Thanks for your comment Lyn, and may the Lord raise up an army to speak out against the evils of this generation.

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