Monday, 11 February 2013

For The Christian:

"It is of great efficacy to keep the heart from sinking under afflictions, to call to mind that thine own Father has the ordering of them. Not a creature moves hand or tongue against thee but by His permission. Suppose the cup be bitter, yet it is the cup which thy Father hath given thee; and canst thou suspect poison to be in it? Foolish man, put home thy case to thine own heart; canst thou give thy child that which would ruin him? No! thou wouldst as soon hurt thyself as him. "If thou then being evil, knowest how to give good gifts to thy children," how much more does God!.....
Would it not grieve a faithful, tender-hearted physician, when he had studied the case of his patient, and prepared the most excellent medicines to save his life, to hear him cry out, "O he has undone me! he has poisoned me!" because it pains him in the operation?.. O when will you be ingenuous?"

~John Flavel, Keeping The Heart.

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