Thursday, 17 January 2013

Contradictions In The Bible :

From which of David's sons was Jesus descended? In Matthew 1:6 Jesus' ancestry is traced through Solomon, while in Luke 3:31 it is traced through Nathan.
 Matthew 1:1-16 gives the genealogy of Jesus through Joseph, who was himself a 
descendant of King David. As Joseph's adopted Son, Jesus became his legal heir, so far 
as his inheritance was concerned. Notice carefully the wording of v.16: "And Jacob begat 
Joseph the husband of Mary, of whom was born Jesus, who is called Christ" (NASB). 
This stands in contrast to the format followed in the preceding verses of the succession of 
Joseph's ancestors: "Abraham begat [egennesen] Isaac, and Isaac begat Jacob, etc." 
Joseph is not said to have begotten Jesus; rather he is referred to as "the husband of Mary, 
of whom [feminine genitive] Jesus was born." 
 Luke 3:23-38, on the other hand, seems to record the genealogical line of Mary herself, 
carried all the way back beyond the time of Abraham to Adam and the commencement of 
the human race. This seems to be implied by the wording of v.23: "Jesus...being (as was 
supposed) the son of Joseph." This "as was supposed" indicates that Jesus was not really 
the biological son of Joseph, even though this was commonly assumed by the public. It 
further calls attention to the mother, Mary, who must of necessity have been the sole 
human parent through whom Jesus could have descended from a line of ancestors. Her 
genealogy is thereupon listed, starting with Heli, who was actually Joseph's father-in-law, 
in contradistinction to Joseph's own father, Jacob (Matt. 1:16). Mary's line of descent 
came through Nathan, a son of Bathsheba (or "Bathshua," according to 1 Chron. 3:5), the 
wife of David. Therefore, Jesus was descended from David naturally through Nathan and 
legally through Solomon. 



Jon Gleason said...

Dale, if you are interested in these two genealogies, I had more discussion on them with some friends than any "normal" person would ever pursue. There's a lot of interesting details around the descent of Christ.

dale mcalpine said...

Thanks Jon, useful resource.

By the Way Gleason L Archer....Any relation ???

Jon Gleason said...

Through Noah, anyway. :) Otherwise, not that I know of.

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