Friday, 28 December 2012

True Spiritual Growth :

The only way to be kept from falling is to grow. If you stand still, you will fall. Prov. 11:28- "The righteous shall flourish as a branch." Remember you are not a tree, that you can stand alone; you are only a branch, and it is only while you abide in Him that you will flourish.

Keep clear your sense of justification--remember it is not your own natural goodness, your tears or your sanctification, that will justify you before God. It is Christ's sufferings and obedience alone. Seek to be made holier every day--pray, strive, wrestle for the Spirit, to make you like God. Be as much as you can with God. I had rather be one hour with God than a thousand with the sweetest company on earth or in heaven. All other joys are only streams, but God is the fountain--"All my springs are in Thee."

~Robert Murray M'Cheyne

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