Saturday, 8 December 2012

Are You Born Again ?

"Regeneration is no mere outward reformation, no mere turning over a new leaf and endeavouring to live a better life. The new birth is very much more than going forward and taking the preacher’s hand: it is a supernatural operation of God upon man’s spirit, a transcendent wonder."
- A.W. Pink


lyn said...

Amen! Pink is one of my favorites, I so enjoyed his writings on the attributes of God, which you can read for free at

So many are running around claiming to be born again because the visible church leads them through silly prayers and coerces them to make decisions or invite Jesus into their hearts. There is no teaching on depravity, or on the supernatural work God does, not man, but God, as He regenerates the dead in sin sinner. We must recover the essential truths found in the doctrines of grace for the sake of the unregenerate!

Good post brother

dale mcalpine said...

Amen Lyn, I love his work on the Sovereignty Of God.
Thanks for the link.

God bless you
Eph 6:24

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