Saturday, 10 November 2012

Will You Be Slothful ? - John Bunyan :

 What shall I say?
1. Time runs; and will ye be slothful?
2. Much of your lives are past; and will you be slothful?
3. Your souls are worth a thousand worlds; and will ye be slothful?
4. The day of death and judgment is at the door; and will ye be slothful?
5. The curse of God hangs over your heads; and will you be slothful?
6. Besides, the devils are earnest, laborious, and seek by all means every day, by every sin, to keep you out of heaven, and hinder you of salvation; and will you be slothful?
7. Also, your neighbors are diligent for things that will perish; and will you be slothful for things that will endure for ever?
8. Would you be willing to be damned for slothfulness?
9. Would you be willing the angels of God should neglect to fetch your souls away to heaven, when you lie a dying, and the devils stand by ready to scramble for them?
10. Was Christ slothful in the work of your redemption?
11. Are his ministers slothful in tendering this unto you?
12. And lastly, If all this will not move, I tell you God will not be slothful or negligent to damn you, (their damnation slumbereth not, 2 Pet. ii. 3;) nor will the devils neglect to fetch thee, nor hell neglect to shut its mouth upon thee. Sluggard! art thou asleep still? Art thou resolved to sleep the sleep of death? Will neither tidings from heaven nor hell awake thee? Wilt thou say still, yet a little sleep, a little slumber, and a little folding of the arms to sleep? Wilt thou yet turn thyself in thy sloth, as the door is turned upon the hinges? O that I was one that was skilful in lamentation, and had but a yearning heart towards thee, how would I pity thee! how would I bemoan thee! O that I could with Jeremiah let my eyes run down with rivers of water for thee! Poor soul, lost soul, dying soul, what a hard heart have I that I cannot mourn for thee! If thou shouldst lose but a limb, a child, or a friend, it would not be so much; but poor man, it is THY SOUL! If it was to lie in hell but for a day, but for a year, nay, ten thousand years, it would (in comparison) be nothing; but O it is FOR EVER! What a soul-amazing word will that be, which saith, "Depart from me, ye cursed, into EVERLASTING FIRE!"

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