Sunday, 11 November 2012

How To Do Church :

In an age where people no longer see the need to go to Church. How should those in Churches respond ?

Should we change Church in order to attract more people ? 

Should we seek the lost by being relevant at the expense of the truth ?

Obviously not! or as Paul the Apostle might have phrased it ...Certainly not! 

You may agree, you may think these questions are "no brainers". You may consider them rhetorical questions that because the answer to them is so obviously "NO!", they do not need an answer.

Sadly however, there are those in positions of leadership in some churches that quite clearly do not see it the way we do. There are some in the UK that think nothing of entertaining the community with let's say, free barbecues, bouncy castles, face painting and candy floss, while neglecting the very thing that Jesus Christ left His Church here to do, namely, "preach the Gospel that is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes."

A timely message below then, from Brother and man of God, Paul Washer :

" If you use carnal means to gather carnal men into your church, you will have to increasingly give them more carnal things in order to keep them.
But if you are looking for the bride of Christ and you are doing all things, suffering all things, for the sake of the elect, all your going to have to do is preach Jesus and they'll come around." 

-Paul Washer. (Preacher)


Frank Rollberg said...

Hope you are doing well brother. May God continue to use you for HIS Glory. No King but Christ!!

Frank Rollberg

dale mcalpine said...

Great to hear from you again brother, hope you are well ?

Amen, no king but Christ!

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