Saturday, 13 October 2012

Billy Graham's Apostasy :

Billy Graham recently met with Mitt Romney ( Mormon ) and said "It was a privilege to pray with Governor Romney" Click Here for source.

Now even more recently the Billy Graham Evangelical Association website has removed it's reference to Mormonism being a cult.

So, all those poor people  involved in the cult of Mormonism and deceived, will have to look elsewhere than the BGEA for truth regarding God it would seem, but then again discerning Christians have known for a while now that Billy Graham was not what he claimed to be:  

"Conservative Christians have long lamented Billy Graham’s ecumenicism. Since the early days of his ministry, Graham has worked hand-in-hand with Catholic Churches and has often expressed his belief that Catholics who are faithful to Roman Catholic teachings are saved.

Click Here for full article.


Helen said...

A worrying clip indeed. I have been concerned for a year or two how people revere BG and his emotional, manipulative methods. I gather BG himself recognised that possibly only 1 per cent of people who came foreward at his crusades had undergone genuine regeneration by the Spirit & were saved. I gather Martyn Lloyd Jones would have nothing to do with him & that it caused a rift between MLJ and John Stott who was alarmingly ecumenically inclined himself. I'm with MLJ!

If you watch to the end, the link to the 10 mins "Wake up Church" top right" is excellent too!

dale mcalpine said...

Thanks Helen, will check it out.

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