Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Quotes :

"God is not some god I have to prove with some intellectual argument. See, if God is at the end of an intellectual argument, then you didn't need Him to get there and it wouldn't be the God of Scripture. God is not at the end of an intellectual argument. God is the neccessary starting point for any argument. Thats the God I believe in."
"When we're presenting evidence in a court of law, we're presenting it to the Judge and the Jury. When we are presenting evidence to the unbeliever, we're saying that you (the unbeliever) are the Judge and the Jury and GOD is on trial. Scripture tells us not to put the LORD our God to the test, yet this is exactly what we're doing. Scripture teaches us that everybody knows that God exists, so rather than present evidence for a "probable God" what I do is expose the fact that the unbeliever does know that God exists."

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