Saturday, 22 September 2012

Another Good Reason Not To Follow The Pied Piper :

Back in January here at Apprising Ministries in Beth Moore And John Piper Lead Lectio Divina-Lite At Passion 2012 I told you about the Passion 2012 Conference. It was a conferance hosted by Louis Giglio, pastor of Passion City Church in Atlanta.
Passion featured an interesting lineup of speakers such Francis Chan, Beth Moore and New Calvinist mentor John Piper. Not surpisingly the conference had a distinctive charismatic and even contemplative flair; e.g. prayer walking and a form of Lectio Divina (below).
A source who was there told me that after one session the crowd was urged to break into “love groups” and go out to pray and “take back the city of Atlanta.” Later we’d see Beth Moore function as an elder.

You’ll also see below from Louis Giglio himself that this idea of “hearing” from God espoused at Passion 2012 included extra-biblical direction revelation. With this in mind, Beth Moore’s pretty excited for Passion 2013......

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