Monday, 9 July 2012

Quote :

"People go to their place of worship and sit down comfortably, and think they must be Christians, when all that their religion consists in, is listening to an orator, having their ears tickled with music, and perhaps their eyes amused with graceful action and fashionable manners; the whole being no better than what they hear and see at an opera -- not so good, perhaps, in point of aesthetic beauty, and not an atom more spiritual."

~Charles Spurgeon.


Helen (down-the-road!) said...

Isn't Spurgeon wonderful?! Now, when I go around saying things like that, it tends to be frowned upon, but then I guess I haven't earned the right, unlike Spurgeon. I haven't always been good at fashionable manners myself...

If you like Spurgeon, Dale, I reckon you'd be inspired by Scottish minister William Still. Are you familiar with him?

dale mcalpine said...

Hello Helen, good to hear from you, as always.
Spurgeon was a man blessed by God for sure, no wonder he was called "the prince of preachers".
Yes I have heard and read some of William Still's books, his book "Towards Spiritual Maturity" is a must read.
God bless you down the road :)

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