Saturday, 24 March 2012

The Perspicuity Of Holy Scripture :

"For there is nothing in Scripture so plain that some men have not doubted it; as, that God is Almighty, that he created heaven and earth, that Christ was born of the Virgin Mary, conceived of the Holy Ghost, and so forth: these are indeed plainly and openly set down in Scripture, and yet there are controversies about them. Things therefore are not presently obscure, concerning which there are many controversies; because these so manifold disputes arise rather from the perversity and curiosity of the human mind, than from any real obscurity. The apostle says that the minds of infidels are blinded by the devil, lest they should see that brillant light and acquiesce in it: which is most true of our adversaries."
William Whitaker (1547-1595)

(A Disputation on Holy Scripture Against the Papists, pp. 388-389.)

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