Sunday, 3 July 2011

Catholic Christians - Is This An Oxymoron?

Webster's dictionary defines an oxymoron as "a combination of contradictory words," such as jumbo shrimp, tight slacks and pretty ugly. Would you put Catholic Christian into this category? Some would say "no", because they believe Roman Catholicism is a Christian denomination. Others, who know the official teachings of the Catholic Church contradict the essentials of the Gospel would say "yes." We propose that a Catholic Christian is indeed an oxymoron for two reasons:
1) whom we are is what we believe, and

2) it is impossible for anyone to believe two opposing views simultaneously.
We recognize that there may be some Christians attending the Catholic Church but if they have believed the Gospel they are no longer Catholics. Let us consider the contradictory beliefs of Catholics and Christians. By definition we will propose a Christian is one who believes the Gospel while a Catholic is one who believes the official teachings and traditions of his church (presented by paragraph number from the Catechism of the Catholic Church)....

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Patty "Wilson" P said...

Interesting Post, don't agree with it, but still its interesting


Thanks for your comment Patty.

I think you will find that the above post is very biblical, and therefore your disagreement with it puts you at odds with the word of God who cannoty lie.

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