Friday, 10 June 2011

True Repentance Produces A Deep Hatred Of Sin :

True repentance shows itself by producing in the heart a settled habit of deep hatred of all sin. The mind of a repentant person becomes a mind habitually holy. They abhor that which is evil, and cleaves to that which is good. They delight in the law of God. They come short of their own desires not unfrequently. They find in themselves an evil principle warring against the spirit of God. They find themselves cold when they would be hot; backward when they would be forward; heavy when they would be lively in God’s service. They are deeply conscious of their own infirmities. They groan under a sense of indwelling corruption. But still, for all that, the general bias of their heart is towards God, and away from evil. They can say with David, “I count all Your precepts concerning all things to be right, and I hate every false way” (Psalm. 119:128). When a person can say this, you have the fifth, or crowning step, of true repentance.
~ J.C. Ryle

From the week long series 5 Marks of Repentance. @ J.C.Ryle Quotes


EJK said...

This quote reminded me of Paul's great battle with sin he shares in Romans 7:13-25. But he also share the testimony of his great deliverer, Jesus Christ.

Just a little side note - when God was first opening my eyes to the doctrines of grace, His Wonderful Grace, one of the instrumental eye openers He used (from a human standpoint) was J.C. Ryle. Spurgeon was probably the most instrumental (humanly speaking).So I have a deep affection for those two men. Ultimately, of course, it was the Holy Spirit who opened my eyes to see God's glorious truth.

Thanks Dale

Helen said...

Thanks for posting, and the link to the 5 Marks. Most of my internet browsing has been on/around the subject of Repentance lately, so it fitted in well.
After feasting on Calvinist blogs from around the world (America!) it's heartening and uplifting to know there's a like minded person in my neck of the woods (Moresby,Whitehaven)!
Oh, and well done for the street preaching!


Thanks for the comments,

Helen where do you fellowship ?

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