Wednesday, 22 June 2011

D.M.Lloyd Jones, Things To Avoid :

From The Book Preaching And Preachers :

"......There is one thing that is even worse than running into a pulpit and that is the putting on of a smile when you have got there. You know the type of man who stands there and puts on a contrived smile, and then greets his congregation with the words, "Good morning folks; nice to see you, how good of you to come." Still worse if he proceeds to crack a joke or two just to put the people at ease.
....I maintain that this is wrong...Why is it wrong? Because the whole approach is wrong. It is not our service; the people do not come there to see or to please us. It is not like inviting people into our home as it were; it is not our service at all. They, and we are there to worship God, and to meet with God; and what we must do is to show them that this is something entirely different from everything they do everywhere else.
A minister in his church is not like a man inviting people into his home; he is not in charge here. He is just a servant himself; we are all there together to come into the pressence of the living God. I cannot emphasise too much that we should go out of our way to show the difference between these two things. I would utterly condemn the practice of suggesting to the people that there is nothing strange or unusual about this, and of saying "Good morning folks" and putting them at ease with a few jokes. If you want to do that sort of thing in your own home you are at liberty to do so; but a church is not your home, and you yourself are under God.

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Helen said...

I couldn't agree more! I detest jokes from pulpits (though thankfully they are rare in my church,creeping in usually only through visiting speakers.) Mind you, being a bit of a fan of the Regulative Principle, I detest anything focused on Man,us, or me me me! - Especially if it doesn't involve an open bible!
Soli Deo Gloria!

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