Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Is mormonism Christian ?


kmumalishus said...

I would like to comment; I am a mormon and I am a Christian. A Christian is someone who 'believes in Jesus Christ', thus our church title 'The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints'

dale mcalpine said...

Maybe you should watch the video, James White does an excellent job of exposing the mormon religion.
"Believing in Jesus Christ" in the sense that you mean does not make you a Christian, the devil "believes in Jesus Christ"
You must be born again! John 3:3
Thanks for taking time to comment.

Anonymous said...

Is it supposed to be ironic that he uses the same music in his opening/closing credits that he mocks the mormons for using in their video? I'm sure they aren't identical, but they sound really similar. For all of the "legitimate" points brought forth, it seems shallow to point out production values.


No, I do not believe that was Dr White's intention here at all.

Did you agree with his comments ?

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