Monday, 21 February 2011

C.H.Spurgeon on Conversion :

If the Saviour has not sanctified you, renewed you, given you a hatred of sin and a love of holiness, He has nothing in you of a saving character.

True religion is something more than correct opinions. A man may as well descend to hell being orthodox as heterodox.

Conversion is the mysterious work of the Spirit upon the soul. That great change could not be produced by the fear of imprisonment, the authority of law, the charms of bribery, the clamour of excitement, or the glitter of eloquence.

Though no man is free from the commission of sin, yet every converted man is free from the love of sin.

The vital spark that regenerates a soul is kindled in an instant. Instantaneous conversion is not the exception, it is the rule; there cannot be any conversion but that which is instantaneous.

That conversion which is all joy and lacks sorrow for sin, is very questionable.

~ C.H.Spurgeon

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