Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Todd "Bam Bam" Bentley rebuked :

Here is a video from Defending Contending, of Charismatic faith healer and charlatan Todd Bentley being rebuked by God's Word at one of his meetings, notice how he plays the "persecution" card in the hope that none of his congregation whom he makes merchandise of, waken up to the deception he has them under.
Please see also C.H.Spurgeon comment below :

"Some, I know, fall into a very vicious habit, which habit they excuse in themselves—namely, that of ordering their steps according to impressions. Every now and then I met with people whom I think to be rather weak in the head, who will journey from place to place, and will perform follies by the gross under the belief that they are doing the will of God, because some silly whim of their diseased brains is imagined to be an inspiration from above. "

C.H. Spurgeon.

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